I was excited to join Carpmaels because of the firm’s reputation for handling high-profile, contentious cases for a range of top clients.

I started my career at another private practice firm in the UK and moved to Carpmaels shortly after qualifying as a UK and European patent attorney.

When I started, I was immediately made to feel very welcome and a valuable part of the team. Since then, I have been able to get involved with lots of interesting work, including a number of contentious cases, and have been trusted to take on significant responsibility – within a year of qualifying I was given the opportunity to present a case in an opposition hearing at the EPO.

Carpmaels places a big emphasis on training and development. The size of the firm means that there is a wealth of experience, and sharing knowledge and expertise is really encouraged.

As well as formal training sessions, there are also frequent discussions on the latest case law updates and practice points. These are often interactive meetings where everyone is encouraged to contribute, so we can really take advantage of all of the collective hard work that is being done.

As a result, I feel like I am always broadening my awareness and understanding of the law and the role of a patent attorney. I find it very motivating to work in an environment where everyone is pulling together to make sure that the firm as a whole is the best that it can be.

I have also really enjoyed the social side to life at the firm. Since I joined, I have done a triathlon, a 5k charity run and have regularly been part of football, cricket and touch rugby teams. There are so many clubs and activities to get involved with, it feels like the next event is always just around the corner!