The reason I moved to Carpmaels & Ransford was that I saw it as an exciting opportunity to develop professionally and to stretch myself.

I knew that the life sciences group had an excellent reputation, and recognised that joining this group would allow me to develop. I wanted to grow my expertise in handling contentious matters, particularly oppositions and appeals at the EPO. I could see also that there would be opportunities to work with a range of exciting clients working in cutting edge technology. However, from day one it was clear that the exposure to contentious matters and the firm’s client base were just a couple of the many great aspects of being part of this team.

I remember that my first impression of my new colleagues was that they showed such obvious enthusiasm for challenging work. When a new piece of work came in that looked difficult, it was clear that they thought that this was something that was going to be fun to do. It is inspiring to be part of a team that relishes challenges like this.

One of the firm’s values is collaboration, and this is something that I see played out daily.

Ideas are bounced around, developments in case law are shared in group meetings and on our internal forum, and when you don’t know the answer to a question there is a whole community of people willing to help out. Everyone, from the most junior team members to those with many years of experience exchanges ideas freely, and we are all constantly learning from each other.

We have an extensive program of internal training which supports our trainees, associates and senior associates. I have enjoyed contributing to the training sessions for the new starters each year, and have benefitted from the training that is offered to senior associates, particularly learning more about business development and presentation skills. Training and support is, however, mainly given on the job, and this is one of the most rewarding parts of my role. We recruit a relatively large cohort of trainees each year so there are plenty of opportunities to work with trainees at the early stages of their careers, and beyond, and to help them to grow and develop.

I am enthusiastic about my work because I enjoy being challenged, and I can see that I have already learnt so much by moving out of my comfort zone and joining Carpmaels & Ransford. I feel I can continue to grow and develop, and to contribute new ideas to the team and beyond. I also really appreciate that I have been able to do all this while working part-time. The firm has been very supportive of me working in a part-time capacity, and doing so has enabled me to balance work and family commitments.