Joining Carpmaels has been an enjoyable experience due to the genuine desire across the firm to improve Project Management.

My role is interesting and brings together my main passions: technology, projects, and change. The firm has a real buzz to it, which is quite similar to a start-up; there’s lots of energy and enthusiasm. It’s definitely not your average law firm, and certainly not something I expected, but one of the aspects of the firm I appreciate the most.

Carpmaels appealed to me as the challenge of introducing an agile approach to managing projects in an organisation that was over 200 years old sounded like a opportunity too good to miss!  I also place a strong emphasis on company culture and believe its literally impossible to have a fulfilling role without enjoying your working environment and the people you share it with. Getting involved in the firm and various social groups from a personal not just professional perspective was something that appealed to me – an opportunity to bring my ‘whole self’ to work without the need to leave my identity at the door.

My job is to establish and lead the project management office, which is the main hub for projects across the firm. My focus is to provide strategic direction as well as operational oversight on the performance of priority projects across the organisation.

Working in technology is exciting as I’m at the forefront of the latest advances in IT to help make Carpmaels more effective for my colleagues and our clients.

A key part of my role is introducing an Agile methodology, to help us deliver projects and manage our day-to-day activities with greater certainty, collaboration, and value. The willingness to adopt this approach at all levels of the firm has been inspiring and refreshing.

I’m empowered to shape and drive the direction of my team, which provides me with a strong sense of achievement and purpose.

At Carpmaels, different perspectives are appreciated. New ideas and innovation are encouraged, which helps to make our role more enjoyable. A hybrid approach to work means that my team can have a good work life balance and can be better placed to manage the demands of life outside of work.

We work hard but we also have lots of fun. Our social events within the Technology department have been fantastic. I never imagined I’d be a whizz at ‘shuffle-boarding’ or giving Lewis Hamilton a run for his money in virtual Formula 1!

I’m excited to be a part of Carpmaels’ growth in this unique period of change and transformation.