1 – First year

Join us in September. Throughout your first year, you will undergo on-the-job training complemented by weekly in-house tutorials, led by partners or senior associates.

2 – Second year

In September, you will attend the Queen Mary University’s “Certificate in Intellectual Property” course. You will continue to have on-the-job training and in-house tutorials after the completion of the CIP exams in January.

3 – Third year

In February / March, you will sit the Pre-European Qualifying Examinations and also apply for the UK and European Qualifying Examinations “finals”. Revision courses are on offer to help you prepare for your exams.

4 – Fourth year

You will sit the UK Finals in October and European Qualifying Examinations Finals in February the following year. Subject to successfully passing both UK and European Qualifying Examinations, you will then become a qualified UK and European patent attorney.

5 – Congratulations!

You are now a qualified associate! On completion of formal training, Carpmaels & Ransford provides an in-house, basic ligation course (completed within three years of qualification). Internal and external training continues throughout your career.