Carpmaels has a wide range of clients covering an expansive area of chemistry and is heavily involved in contentious matters, which I was keen to get experience in.

I moved to Carpmaels shortly after qualifying as a European and UK patent attorney at another private practice firm in the UK in order to diversify the technical areas and types of work I was exposed to. Immediately after starting, I was given the opportunity to work on contentious matters in my preferred technical area. However, it wasn’t just the work that enthused me after joining, it was the responsibility and visibility I was given right from the start. All of my ideas were given the same consideration as the other members of the team, including the supervising partner and the newest trainee. Instantly after joining, I felt like a valued member of the team.

Carpmaels is very proud of its collaborative culture and it is visible throughout the firm.

There is never a problem that someone is not interested in or too busy to discuss. Everyone thrives on solving problems and helping others do the same. Moreover, every success, no matter how small you think it is, is celebrated and this creates a team where everyone feels valued and determined to build on and improve on what they have achieved previously. It’s a fantastic atmosphere in which to learn and grow.

Of course, the collaborative culture would not be possible without the friendly and sociable people who work at Carpmaels. Consequently, there are plenty of non-work related activities to get involved in such as book club, triathlons and karaoke club! If there is an event or club that doesn’t yet exist, the Partners are more than happy for you to set it up.

I have also been impressed by the ongoing diversity and inclusivity projects at Carpmaels, which have recently included talks from Lord Chris Smith and Gill Whitty Collins. What is particularly impressive is that these talks do not form stand alone events that people attend and then forget about afterwards. Rather, discussion groups are held after the events where people can reflect on the content and take the opportunity to consider if we should be doing anything differently to make Carpmaels more inclusive.

Aside from the work related opportunities I have had at Carpmaels, I have also been able to work with the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) as a mentor and have been involved in the SMF’s virtual summer internship for the last two years. This has been incredibly rewarding for me and a reminder of how far I have come in my career.